Catching up with old friendsIt’s a couple of years since we first met our friends at Smart Furnishings.

The staircase in the center of their store was in need of a renovation and we were glad to be of service. Since this time, the lovely people at Smart Furnishings have been happy to invite people into their store to see the quality of the installation for themselves before taking the plunge with a staircase of their own and even pointing their own customers in our direction.


Our paths recently crossed again following a visit to a customer in Warrington who had added to his oak Abbott-Wade staircase with a beautiful striped carpet. We were so impressed with the quality of the alignment and standard of fitting that it was no surprise to learn that Smart Furnishings had supplied and installed the carpet and had been used repeatedly by this customer for decades!


Attention to detail and a personal service are just two of the reasons why people choose to use a family business such as Abbott-Wade and Smart Furnishings and are strong foundations for building trust and loyalty with our customers.