Why a new staircase?

We wanted to update our home and didn’t think the staircase looked all that good. We had had our loft converted and even the new spindled bannister looked a bit old fashioned! We were undecided as to what to do with it to make it look better.


I did a home visit for a new child who was starting at the nursery I work in and when I walked in I was wowed by their staircase. I set myself a challenge to find a company who could provide this service. It hadn’t even occurred to us that this was a possibility and we thought our only option was to paint what was already there!

Decision making process:

After Google searching companies who provided this service I came across a couple of companies and contacted both of them. I didn’t have much hope for Abbott-Wade as their location was about 200 miles from where we lived, but when I rang them they told me that they cover all areas of the country.

They had a representative near our home and he came to the house and spent a long time showing us the product and helping and advising us so that we were able to choose the right option for our needs. We were so happy with the quote we didn’t even bother with the other company!

Style choice:

We chose oak and glass for the staircase as we both love the look of natural wood and have oak doors downstairs so we thought it would flow better as you walk through the front door. Abbott-Wade also replaced the cupboard door under the stairs so that it all matches in. This was something we hadn’t even thought about but was suggested to us and we are so glad we did it.

End Result:

Our staircase looks absolutely fantastic now and we are confident to open our front door to anyone! Instead of rushing them through the hallway, we now tend to linger a while as we feel proud of how it looks. The fitters who came did a brilliant job. We couldn’t believe how polite and courteous they were. They completed the job to such a high satisfaction and worked tirelessly each day. They were neat and tidy and very professional, answering any of our questions with confidence. We highly recommend Abbott-Wade and would say if you are hesitating like we were, get them in as you will not be disappointed with their service.

Thank you for the outstanding service you have provided us from start to finish. Even in a pandemic your communication has been first class!

Location: South West London, Surrey

Designer: Roger Burton


A Staircase Renovation replacing key staircase components and cladding over others makes the original staircase unrecognisable and creating the illusion of a completely new staircase.


A contemporary staircase for a modern home to make the hallway and stairs feel bright and spacious. 

Timber Choice:

Natural Oak finished to a furniture quality standard completes this staircase. 

All the timber stair parts used here are prefinished in our spray shop by our specialist team to make this installation more efficient for the client and reducing mess & fuss and reducing the need for further visits to polish or paint their new staircase installation.


Toughened 10mm embedded glass panels set into the rails presents clean lines filling the stairway with light and making the space look bigger and brighter.


A soft, warm carpet covers the existing winder treads and risers of the original staircase for a comfortable feeling under foot. A bespoke bullnose feature step adds a stylish invitation to climb this stylish stairs.

In Summary:

An amazing transformation connecting 3 floors and flooding the entire home with light. Modern, stylish and truly stunning!

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