Location: Haydock, Merseyside

Designer: Barry Kerkhof


A Staircase Renovation replacing key staircase components and cladding over others makes the original staircase unrecognisable and creating the illusion of a completely new staircase.


A contemporary staircase for a modern home to make the hallway and stairs feel bright and spacious. 

Timber Choice:

Brilliant White timber finished to a furniture quality standard completes this staircase. 

All the timber stair parts used here are prefinished in our spray shop by our specialist team to make this installation more efficient for the client and reducing mess & fuss and reducing the need for further visits to polish or paint their new staircase installation.


10mm toughened glass panels fixed with stainless steel clamps adds extra detail and pairs with other fixings and fixtures in this home to add an element of cohesion and continuity between floors. The clear glass balustrade allows natural light to flood the stairway and making this home look bigger and brighter.

Cool stainless steel rails pair stylishly with the glass & timber stairs to add another modern element to the design.


A soft, warm carpet covers the existing treads and risers of the original staircase for a comfortable feeling under foot.

In Summary:

Glistening stainless steel and brilliant white stringers reflects light while clamped glass allows it to flow easily through the home making the hall, stairs & landing feel bigger and brighter!

New Staircases & Staircase Renovations in Haydock, Merseyside

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Haydock is a lovely town so where better to fit a lovely new staircase or staircase renovation?

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