With over 20 years as The Staircase Specialists we’ve shown that Abbott-Wade transforms homes with expertise and experience which is the envy of our industry. We’ve transformed all types of balustrades and will continue to do so. On this page we show real photographs taken by our installations team within customers homes who have replaced their tired spindles in favour of our clamped glass panels.

Replacing tired spindles with our stylish 10mm toughen glass panels is a popular choice among Abbott-Wade clients. While the colour and finish of painted spindles can add a feeling of continuity between different parts of the home, this can be achieved by choosing stainless steel or brass clamps to secure the glass in position which can match other fixtures & fittings such as door furniture or light fixtures.

The change from spindles to glass is not purely cosmetic, as well as increasing the flow of light through the stairway there are pragmatic reasons for the choice. Many customers tell us that their existing spindles act as a dust trap or that the task of painting them when decorating is an unwanted chore which has left them looking messy in the past. Naturally, the more spindles in the staircase, the more of this maintenance is needed.

Staircases come in all shapes and sizes. The image pictured here shows a large communal staircase for a residential block in London where the residents association collectively decided to renovate their drab and dated staircase for something more modern and homely which was both safe and a popular choice for residents and visitors.

Read more about our clamped glass staircases here or the story of how Mr Frodsham from Lancashire made the change from spindles to clamped glass.

Each of the Before & After image blocks on this page are taken before and after a real Abbott-Wade installation from UK homes visited by our installation teams. Some of the images may be taken at different stages of completion with carpets/decoration left unfinished.