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It is not so much that a staircase increases the value in direct correlation to what the staircase cost, it is the increase in desirability of the home overall which benefits the sale price. Read on to learn why and how a staircase can influence potential buyers of your home.

As the Director of Kings Estate Agents, I have sold many homes both with and without luxury staircases.

Here is what I believe to be the top reasons you should invest in remodelling and specifying a bespoke staircase for your home.

1.   First impressions

In most homes, the staircase is the first thing that greets you upon entering the hallway, it can immediately set the precedent for the rest of the property. To create the wow factor first impression, you need to consider the design of the staircase as well as the actual materials used. Even if you cannot afford to spec the hardwoods and glass panels of the more fashionable flights of stairs, with good design you can still make an impression on viewers.

Painted spindles with oak rails

2.   A sign of quality.

When anyone visits your home including friends and perspective purchasers they don’t really touch many fixed fixtures. A quality bannister rail with a focus on the finish is one of the few things that physically communicates the craftsmanship that has been invested in the home. This can be a very powerful signal to the viewer, especially when combined with quality door furniture and kitchen surfaces. This combination of carefully selected materials can give the sense of quality throughout the building

3.   A focal point.

bespoke staircase is the focal point of the hallway, and the hall is where we often have those final goodbye conversations. Whether it be with friends and family or with a viewer, a significant amount of time is spent in the hall which provides a final memory as your guests leave. A well-designed staircase complimented with feature lighting can really leave a lasting impression on the buyers.

contemporary stairway

4.   Inspire confidence in the building.

Walking up a flight of stairs in an old building that creak and groan combined with a wobbly handrail do nothing to inspire confidence in the structure. Going back to the touchy-feely aspect a rickety flight of stairs can stir up all sorts of thoughts in a buyer’s head. They then start to the think about the other aged wooden parts of the building such as floor joists and the roof structure. This can lead to buyers quickly losing interest, focusing on the negatives and potential outlay that may be necessary on your property.

5.   They can solve a problem.

A new flight of stairs may allow you to solve many other potential negatives with your house. For example, a modern glass staircase may allow more light into what was a dark area. A new staircase may allow you to remodel the floorplan creating space for an all-important ground floor toilet, essential to many family buyers.

Cool cream carpet on a new oak staircase with feature step and stylish targeted oak spindles

I think it’s a well-known and obvious fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, but a designer staircase can be the differentiating factor in achieving a sale in a competitive market.

A remodelled house combined with a quality staircase means the desirability of the property is maximised. This is what really drives the interest from multiple prospective purchasers which in turn inflates the sale price and reduces the time on market.

With all these positive factors you may be asking… when should I remodel or refurbish my staircase? In my opinion, I would do this as soon as finances allow.

A well-engineered and installed staircase will last many decades, so even if you are not thinking of selling your property the value will still be there when you do decide to move on.

In the meantime, you get to enjoy the benefits and really make your home your own.

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Company Director

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