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To Rebuild or to Renovate, that is the question!

Garswood-10Roald Dahl once recalled: ‘I do have a blurred memory of sitting on the stairs and trying to tie my shoelaces, but that is all that comes back to me of school itself.’

When so much of every day life gets forgotten, staircases are firmly embedded in the memories of us all. Whether it was where we chased our slinky toys or talked on the phone each evening to our first loves, they are more than just a means of transporting ourselves between the floors of our home. Continue reading…

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Staircase Stories: Mr Wagstaff

“We are extremely pleased!”

Our nationwide service takes us all around the country and on this occasion, it was to Colchester in Essex. Colchester is reported to be the oldest town in Britain and, while Mr Wagstaff’s staircase wasn’t quite as old, it was in need of the Abbott-Wade touch, and nobody was left disappointed.

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Why choose a family business?

White&Glass4Here at Abbott-Wade, we are proud to be a family run business and we like to deal with other family-run businesses where we can. Why? Because we know first hand of the benefits of being a family-run business. We understand that everybody takes accountability and has to pull their weight; there are no personal agendas and everybody looks after each other. When it’s in everybody’s best interest to ensure that every job is done well; where they all have a responsibility to each other to ensure that standards are maintained and the reputation of the company is upheld; you know that you are going to receive the best possible outcome! These things can only happen when you have a team comprised of more than just ‘employees’. Continue reading…

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Staircase Stories: Mr & Mrs Wheeler

This staircase in Surrey required a high level of expertise which is is difficult to find.

“Two other national companies came round, took measurements and decided that there were complexities that made it impossible to do what we wanted.”

Luckily Abbott-Wade were on hand to provide the specially stained continuous handrail and feature step required to bring this staircase in Leatherhead inline with the vision of Mr Wheeler.

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Stair in Disbelief: Famous Open-Air Staircases of the world

We make no secret of our love for, or fascination with staircases. And while you won’t find an Abbott-Wade staircase on this list, and we certainly would like to refurbish any of them, this is simply a self indulgent collection of open-air staircases from around the world that we love and we know you will too.

the spanish steps, open Air Staircases

Name: The Spanish Steps

Location: Rome, Italy

Number of steps: 135

Interesting note: Not in in the country which the name suggests, the Spanish Steps in fact owe their name to the Palazzo di Spagna, seat of the Embassy of Spain.

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Benefits of glass balustrades

benefits of glassGlass balustrades are hugely popular and it’s pretty clear to understand why. Apart from looking elegant from every angle and giving unobstructed views of your bespoke staircase installation, a glass balustrade allows light to distribute itself throughout your hallway and helps to give the illusion of more space. Our 10mm toughened Pilkington glass ensures that not only will your glass balustrade look stunning, but you can be assured that you have a safe and strong installation in your home. Continue reading…

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We’ve Nothing To Hide

You know all those carefully photoshopped images you see all over the internet and in glossy magazines? You won’t find any here, that’s part of our honest approach to staircases and to our customers. If you’re going to be spending your hard earned money on a new staircase – you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting. It’s only fair, that’s why we have nothing to hide. Our Terms & Conditions are printed on the reverse of our Sales Agreement which is given to all customers when our designers visit. Unlike many Terms & Conditions they aren’t full of technical jargon to try and catch you out. Their purpose is to be informative so you know exactly what to expect and the specifications we work to. We also email a link to the latest version of our Terms & Conditions on our website and our Frequently Asked Questions page which prepares our customers for what they should expect during an installation. There is also more important information for customers purchasing New Flights. What’s more, there aren’t many companies we know of who will be honest and transparent enough to publish this information on their news page for any prospective customer to read. Thats because we want our customers to make an informed decision.

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