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We’ve Nothing To Hide

You know all those carefully photoshopped images you see all over the internet and in glossy magazines? You won’t find any here, that’s part of our honest approach to staircases and to our customers. If you’re going to be spending your hard earned money on a new staircase – you’ll want to know exactly what you’re getting. It’s only fair, that’s why we have nothing to hide. Our Terms & Conditions are printed on the reverse of our Sales Agreement which is given to all customers when our designers visit. Unlike many Terms & Conditions they aren’t full of technical jargon to try and catch you out. Their purpose is to be informative so you know exactly what to expect and the specifications we work to. We also email a link to the latest version of our Terms & Conditions on our website and our Frequently Asked Questions page which prepares our customers for what they should expect during an installation. There is also more important information for customers purchasing New Flights. What’s more, there aren’t many companies we know of who will be honest and transparent enough to publish this information on their news page for any prospective customer to read. Thats because we want our customers to make an informed decision.

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Why choose bespoke?

We’ve all been there. Lost in a well known furniture stowhy choose bespokere never knowing whether we’ll find our way out again, passing row after row of mass produced goods with something for everyone. This is of course perfectly acceptable for many of us, as the old saying goes: ‘We’re all unique…just like everybody else.’ Continue reading…

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New Premises 2014

new premisesAt Abbott-Wade we’re always looking to the future, investing in our staff and by identifying how we can improve the service we provide. With this in mind, our new office near Warrington is now up and running, helping to equip us more efficiently to serve our customers up and down the country.

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Oak Colour, Grain & Medullary Rays

oak colour and grainAs a natural product, the colour and grain of oak can vary from one piece to another. In addition to the warm tones and grains, some oak features unique markings called medullary rays which can add character, beauty and uniqueness to your staircase.
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Stair Slide

It’s not often we recommend an alternative to stairs but we’ll make an exception for this stair slide just this once!




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Hot Wheels

Our fleet of vans have been given a smart new makeover, sporting branded livery that showcases examples of our work.

With the vans driving up and down the country on a daily basis chances are you’ll see us on your travels.

van signs express

Thanks to Signs Express for doing a great job.


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Piano Stairs

66% more subway users used the stairs following the amazing transformation these stairs painted like a piano with an extra musical flourish.

Would more staircases like this encourage you to ditch the escalators and take the stairs?


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