We make no secret of our love for, or fascination with staircases. And while you won’t find an Abbott-Wade staircase on this list, and we certainly would like to refurbish any of them, this is simply a self indulgent collection of open-air staircases from around the world that we love and we know you will too.


Name: The Spanish Steps

Location: Rome, Italy

Number of steps: 135

Interesting note: Not in in the country which the name suggests, the Spanish Steps in fact owe their name to the Palazzo di Spagna, seat of the Embassy of Spain.

Canyon-Steps ecuador

Name: Canyon Staircase

Location: Ecuador

Interesting note:

You’ll need to be prepared to get we to the spectacular views and great force of plunging water. This magnificent waterfall is formed by the crystalline Río Verde.

Baha’í Gardens

Name: Baha’í Gardens

Location: Haifa, Israel

Number of steps: 1700 (&19 terraces)

Interesting note:

Also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, work started on the design of these stairs and garden terraces in 1987.

Schlossberg Stairs

Name: Schlossberg Stairs

Location: Graz, Austria

Number of steps: 260

Interesting Notes:

I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry – there’s also a lift!

Chand Baori

Name: Chand Baori

Location: Rajasthan, India

Number of steps: 3500

Interesting Notes:

One of the deepest step wells in India, Chand Baori was built between AD800-AD900 by King Chanda.

Stairs Above The Sea

Name: Stairs Above The Sea

Location: Gaztelugatxe in Spain

Number of steps: 229-237 depending on sources

Interesting notes:

People who have climbed these huge rocky stairs have said that they felt like they were walking above the sea.

Moses Bridge

Name:Moses Bridge Stairs



Name: El Peñol Stone

Location: Antioquia, Columbia

Number of steps: 740

Source: In the 1940s, the Colombian government declared it a “National Monument”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 17.16.29

Name:Universe Cascade

Location:Dumfries, Scotland

Interesting note:

You’ll be lucky to see this one, it only opens to the public for five hours each year.

Tiled stairs san fran

Name: San Francisco Tiled Steps

Location: San Francisco, USA

Number of steps: 163

Interesting note:

The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps project has been a neighborhood effort to create a beautiful mosaic running up the risers of the 163 steps located at 16th and Moraga in San Francisco.


Name: Umschreibung

Location: Munich, Germany

Interesting Notes:

Erected in 2004 by Olafur Eliasson, this 9 m tall steel sculpture in the entrance of the accounting firm KPMG is a masterpiece.

The Potemkin Stairs

Name: The Potemkin Stairs

Location: Odessa, Ukraine

Number of steps: 192

Interesting note: The top step is 12.5 meters wide, and the lowest step is 21.7 meters wide. The staircase extends for 142 meters, but it gives the illusion of greater length.

Tiger & turtle

Name: Tiger & Turtle – Magic Mountain

Location: Duisburg, Germany

Number of steps: 249

Interesting note: You won’t travel across the full 2million euro staircase as the looks are inaccessible…unless you’re Spiderman.

The Rock of Guatapé

Name: The Rock of Guatapé

Location: Antioquia, Colombia

Number of steps: 649

Source: This masonry staircase, that appears like a giant stitch holding the 10,000,000 ton split rock together.

25 Oct 2012, Henan Province, China --- Tourists walk upstairs on a spiral staircase as they visit Taihang Mountain in Linzhou city, central Chinas Henan province, 25 October 2012. Just looking at these stairs is enough to give anyone vertigo, but they are expected to attract thousands of tourists in China. The 300ft spiral staircase has been installed on the wall of the Taihang Mountains in Linzhou to offer the thrill of mountaineering without the danger. But senior climbers beware you have to be under 60 to be allowed on the staircase. Chinese tourist officials in Linzhou, Henan province, hope the stairs will give visitors a real experience of the mountain range. --- Image by © Imaginechina/Corbis

Image by © Imaginechina/Corbis

Name: Taihang Mountains

Location: Henan, China.

Interesting Note: If you want to climb this staircase to heaven, you’ll have to confirm that you’re under 60 years of age do not have heart or lung problems.



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